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Au Revoir Bluefin Tucson

Au Revoir Bluefin Tucson

Tucson restaurant closes
closes May 24

Every time an independent restaurant closes, I get a little melancholy.

So far this year Gio Taco, The Dish and Mexico in Season have closed as well others. Contigo closes tomorrow May 17 and Bluefin on May 24.

While Bluefin closes, its sister restaurant Kingfisher Bar & Grill will rock on despite whatever havoc will be wrecked on Grant Road.

I ate at Bluefin only a handful of times because it’s not in my geographic radar but each time was memorable. Tonight my friends and I decided to go and Bluefin was hopping with energy and professionalism.

What makes a restaurant good? Besides the choices, freshness and precise food preparation — I’d definitely add knowledgeable and attentive service, pricing, honoring reservations (none of this wait in the bar business) and an overall vibe permeating the room watching other diners enjoy their food and each other.

It’s amazing how many restaurants cannot cover those bases.

So if you have time to go to Bluefin before they close, let me recommend the grilled salmon entree and the cashew crusted Hawaiian fish entree. Every morsel on these plates were swept into our happy mouths. And then there’s the olive oil cake with blood orange syrup. Whoever heard of such a thing? Don’t know, but glad they did.

Casas Adobes Plaza will never be the same.

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