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Review: Safe Catch Tuna Mercury Tested

Review: Safe Catch Tuna Mercury Tested


Safe Catch Tuna
Tested for purity

Do you love tuna? How about a crunchy tuna salad sandwich or elegant Nicoise salad?

The good news is tuna is affordable and packed with high quality protein but the bad news — tuna is also rife with mercury.

Contradictory reports from the EPA, FDA and Consumer Reports range from warning about widely variable mercury levels in fish to warning pregnant and breast-feeding women that not eating seafood may be even riskier due to nutrients and beneficial omega 3s in fish that are vital to developing babies.

Seafood has many health benefits but consumers need to know if the fish they are eating is as nutritious and as pure as possible. Safe Catch is establishing the first brand to stand for purity in seafood and is starting with the first 100% mercury tested canned tuna.

Until now, the seafood industry did not have a viable way to identify purity levels in every tuna. As a result, shoppers had to play Russian roulette when purchasing seafood. Safe Catch has solved that problem by developing the first technology solution to screen every single fish for purity. Safe Catch is the only brand to establish purity levels that are stricter than the Consumer Report’s ‘Low Mercury’ criteria limit and average set in 2014 for pregnant moms and children.

So how does it taste? Just like the tuna you love and it comes in a natural tuna broth without fillers and additives. Tuna is responsibly pole or line caught too with no GMOs and no BPA.

Now pregnant and breast feeding women and the rest of us can enjoy tuna without worrying about the mercury.

Safe Catch Wild Skipjack retails between $3-4 per can. Safe Catch Wild Albacore and Safe Catch Wild Albacore with no salt added, retails between $4-5 per can. Safe Catch tuna is now available in Sprouts Markets. For more info and where to buy, please visit the website.

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