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Liquid Assets at Scott & Co., Tucson Cocktails

Liquid Assets at Scott & Co., Tucson Cocktails

Scott & Co cocktails
Enjoy: Slow Slipper

Scott & Co., makers & purveyors of fine handmade goods.

With a tagline like that Scott & Co. could be a fine linens store, a pharmacy, a gift shop, etc. But in this case, Scott & Co. is a modern rendition of a speakeasy. Don’t worry you don’t need a secret handshake or password to get in, just a sense of adventure and a laid-back attitude.

Circle of Food was fortunate to be invited to a cocktail tasting for the launch of  new liquid asset creations this spring and summer. The following cocktails debut March 20.

First let’s introduce the bartenders – Erik (Rik) Evans and Matt Martinez. Rik says he likes to have fun with flavors and hardly cracked a smile throughout the evening; let’s just say he’s intense. While Matt appeared more engaging; he may look familiar as he’s also been a sushi chef around town.

Tuxedo Junction (Rik)
Normally, I don’t like gin-based drinks but fell head over heels not unlike Ginger Rogers dancing backwards in stilettos. Maybe because this was drink number one, but I dreamed about it too. Not only was the drink gin based but this gin was infused with figs. FIGS! Figs are my favorite fruit with an extremely limited shelf-life. When I sipped the Tuxedo, jazz played in my head reminding me of old Hollywood.

I could stop now but I won’t.

Loki’s Travels (Rik)
Rik’s inspiration for this cocktail is mythology…go figure. I have to share the ingredients because they are beyond belief: Krogstad Aquavit, green Chartreuse, macadamia nut orgeat, pineapple juice, lime juice, tobacco tincture. The tincture is made from Everclear alcohol and pipe tobacco. To say that Rik likes to have fun with flavors is an understatement. Oddly enough, this cocktail is one I’d like to sip again.

Guilt Free (Matt)
You have to like grapefruit to like this cocktail (and I love grapefruit) as it uses a grapefruit-infused gin as well as a multi-syllabic grapefruit liqueur and other ingredients including 5 drops saline. Perhaps you can use this to clean your contact lenses too?

Tucson speakeasy
Enjoy: Giant Slayer

Giant Slayer (Matt)
This drink is named after a favorite customer who is a big guy. Fellow food writer Rita Connelly aptly called the dessert-like drink “a fuzzy cocoa.” So picture, coffee-infused Dewars scotch (cold-brewed scotch), a single malt scotch, cherry Heering, crème de cacao, 10 drops saline and a whole raw egg. The Giant Slayer is the perfect après dinner cocktail.

Shore Leave (Rik)
This was my least favorite cocktail as it reminded me of a condiment found in a Chinese restaurant but in liquid form. The ingredients were rum, dessert wine, plum sauce, lemon juice and rosemary tincture.


downtown Tucson speakeasy
Enjoy: Shore Leave

Post Script (Matt)
Oddly enough my second favorite was this drink and I’m not a bourbon drinker. My notes said, “intriguing” as the ingredients were Old Forrester Bourbon, Fernet Branca, cherry Heering, lemon juice and cashew orgeat. P.S. Try it.

Slow Slipper (Matt)
Here’s an enigma in a glass: Mt. Gay Silver Rum, Giffard Banana Liqueur, lemon juice, roasted coconut water syrup, shaken and served in a Collins glass with screwpine milk float. (Don’t ask me what that is.); then garnished with a banana blossom petal. This tall drink of whatever looked like a crème de menthe volcano or a psychedelic bad dream so banana lovers (like me) will be ecstatic to savor the banana-y goodness, not a mouthful of crème de menthe madness.

John Cruise and/or Tom Travolta (Rik)
Just the mere thought of these two Scientologists mingling as liquid refreshment is a stomach churner. While I loved Cruise dancing in his underwear in Risky Business and Travolta in Grease…this cocktail was a flavor frenzy. To be fair it was also the last cocktail and just maybe I was cocktail-ed out by then. Ingredients: rye, Armagnac, beer syrup (malty and smoky), grapefruit juice, Angostura bitters and whole raw egg. To my tarnished taste buds – butterscotch and grapefruit juice just didn’t mix.

Scott & Co. is located at 49 Scott Street (across from the green Pennington garage entrance) and next door to the restaurant 47 Scott.

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