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Tucson Dining: 20% off at Poppy Kitchen, Foothills

Metzger husband/wife
Metzger husband/wife

Brian Metzger and Metzger Family Restaurants (MFR) are making some bold moves in 2015, all to demonstrate their commitment to the local community.

While supporting local vendors and purveyors is critical, Brian Metzger and Metzger Family Restaurants (MFR) is taking the next big step to give back to his community (Tucson) by introducing the “Local 20” (not a 20-something dating service) at Poppy Kitchen at the Westin La Paloma.

Poppy Kitchen will offer 20 percent off of ANY bill to Tucson-area guests with a local ID. It’s that simple. That’s 20 percent off of a single drink or a full dinner party for all of your guests.

And Local 20 is not a short-term proposition… it’s the way Poppy Kitchen does business from now on. Forever. Show your ID with a local address, and you’ll get the 20 percent discount. No questions asked.


Poppy Kitchen Tucson
Signature dessert – carrot cake

MFR has partnered with Local First Arizona to raise awareness about this new program and highlight the benefits of staying local. Brian introduced this new concept because, as he tells it, he was weary of sending local money to out-of-state couponing sites like Groupon. His philosophy is: let’s love our locale.

Circle of Food is loving it!

Another major change comes on the heels of Gio Taco’s one-year anniversary (Congratulations!). When Gio Taco opened downtown in December of 2013, the MFR commitment was to offer “no-rules” tacos that pay homage to cultures known for vibrant culinary traditions. That commitment remains with amazing flavor combinations, but the new twist is in the simplicity and significantly lower pricing, again, all to demonstrate a commitment to the local community – all tacos will now be $2.50 each and come in a build-your-own style; each taco can be customized – or localized! – with your choice of fillings and toppings. Other Gio Taco favorites will remain on the menu, such as the burrito and nachos, in a build-your-own model as well.

Delicious tacos
Delicious tacos

Circle of Food + some friends were at Gio Taco on MLK Day when the Tucson Jazz Festival kicked off with an all day free jazz concert. Gio Taco was hopping with a line out the door. I switched taco gears by ordering a quesadilla with grilled citrus chicken. Everything was yummy except since it was so busy, two people should’ve been taking orders at this fast casual experience. The sublime fruit/veggie cup is tasty with the dusting of chile powder.

Finally, Thrifty Ice Cream is now available at Gio Taco.

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