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Tabanero – January 22, National Hot Sauce Day

National Hot Sauce Day
Who you calling hot stuff?

If you’re spicy like me, when you walk into a BBQ joint or a breakfast joint, you casually peruse the counter where the lineup of hot sauces reside.

What is it about the pain and the pleasure of hot sauce that is so enticing?

All hail to capsicum. Hot sauce has been around since 1870 and now hot sauce is the most popular condiment on the table. Move over ketchup and salsa!

With such a crowded field of hot sauce makers, what inspires a company to throw their hot stuff into the ring 0f fire?

Tabanero was named after the state of Tabasco, Mexico and the habanero pepper. Combining the two words: Tabasco + Habanero = Tabanero. Tabanero has no ties to Tabasco sauce which is made in Louisiana.

The Tabanero folks sent Circle of Food a bottle and I can say that the flavor is distinctively different than Siracha, Cholula, and Tabasco…all of which reside in my refrigerator. The color of Tabanero is slightly different too, more orange-ish, terra cotta.

Aha! Agave is one of the key flavor ingredients that gives Tabanero a subtle sweetness and the distinct flavor mentioned above. The sweetness of the agave also helps accentuate other flavors and balances out the head of the habanero peppers.

There you have it. Life is hot or should be. If you live in Los Angeles, Tabanero is going to have a celebration for the first annual National Hot Sauce Day on January 22. Check it out!

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