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8 Trendy Dishes, Per Zagat

trendy condiment
Move over Siracha

What do you think? Here are 8 trendy menu items courtesy of Zagat. Would you order them? Who decides trendy?

The items listed are:

–Malaysian Food – move over Korean. Neo Malaysian Kitchen take note.

–Seafood Charcuterie – lighter and livelier than duck liver pate

–Pigs Ears – pass. I just read The Good Good Pig; cutting off their ears seems like porcine animal cruelty

Rotisserie Chicken – eat like a caveman seems to never go out of style but gets a tad dressed up

Gochujang – Korean spicy fermented chile paste – Lee Lee Market here I come

Octopus prepared in more approachable mainstream dishes

Draft or Bottled Cocktails – everything seems to be instant these days (Click on the article and look at this photo closely. What are those weird things (fingers?) in the upper left corner?

Food Halls that have grown far beyond the food courts of yesteryear – that’s a plus.

So what appeals to your taste buds?

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