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Book Review: L.A. Son By Roy Choi

memoir by Roy Choi
Kogi Kogi Kogi

My Life, My City, My Food

I loved this memoir by Roy Choi creator of Kogi BBQ Taco Food Truck, famous for the Korean taco which launched the entire food truck revolution.

Having lived in L.A. for 30 years (my informative years), I liked knowing the cities and locales he wrote about where he was a bad boy, a very bad boy (saw-off shotguns, 9mm Berettas, numchucks, chains, bats, big hunting knives), a gangsta and how he turned his life around with culinary school and his rise to the top.

And in between all the nitty gritty and a slew of 4-letter words are the recipes, mouth watering photographs and recipes from soup to nuts…Korean style carpaccio, crispy duck breast with polenta, ketchup fried rice, and much more.

I am so going to make the Korean – style braised short rib stew after I take my next cholesterol test.

If you saw the movie, Chef. Roy Choi is the guy who taught Vince Vaughn how to cook for the role. Who didn’t hunger for Cuban food after the movie?

NPR interviewed him too.

You can buy the book here.

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