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Delicious Movie: The Hundred Foot Journey

The perfect omelet defines a great chef
The perfect omelet defines a great chef

Talk about connections. Just say you’re Oprah Winfrey and you read a book that you love (The Hundred Foot Journey) by author Richard C. Morais. Then call up your friend Steve Spielberg and ask him to make this book into a movie.

The story is about an immigrant Indian family (with a very talented and handsome self-taught chef) who flee their native land to end up in Rotterdam, France across the street from a one-star Michelin-rated restaurant owned by Helen Mirren.

While the town has never experienced the bold spices of Indian cooking, they soon crave it and Madam Mirren finds bureaucratic ways to give them hiccups.

Of course, the romance of the food on the plate as well as at the open air market, the land, and the people come together deftly across the screen. Two romances unfold only to bloom throughout the 2 hour + 10 min movie.

The One Hundred Foot Journey is part fantasy, part what you wish the Food Network would be, and part Gourmet Magazine photo shoot. If you loved the family relationships in Tortilla Soup, the amazing food scenes in Chef and the passion of Like Water for Chocolate…you will love The Hundred Foot Journey.

The movie opens August 8. Watch the delicious trailer.

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