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Tucson Food – Rincon Market Returns

Rincon Market bar menu
Rincon Market bar menu

Finally, the Rincon Market is reopening after a fire almost a year ago. The grand opening is June 30 but today Circle of Food was able to go inside and walk around as there was a scattering of customers.

What’s old is new again. The Rincon looks the same as in familiar but there are some new additions. For instance, when you walk in, to the right where the produce used to be, the area is all new with a huge wide screen TV, a smattering of comfortable chairs and seating and a bar pouring beer, wine, and coffee drinks. In order words, a place to hang out.

The grill is where it used to be but the menu has expanded to include more bar food type items. What caught my eye is grilled fish. Rincon Market is known for their superior assortment of seafood and on any given day you can take home grilled fish ($8.99) or a grilled fish dinner ($9.99) which includes two sides. The salad bar seems to have expanded. They still serve hot breakfasts on weekends and a hot deli menu every day. Sandwiches are made per your specification. The bakery looks yummy. And some prepared foods — mostly salads, mac & cheese, BBQ, casserole-ish items can be packaged to go as well as whole rotisserie chickens. And then of course more seating which looks exactly like the previous seating.

Grab a sandwich
Grab a sandwich

The other half of the space is now all groceries with a some fresh produce, gourmet packaged goods that you won’t find in Fry’s (Indian simmering sauce, anyone?), a small assortment of upscale cheese, wines, beer, Isabella’s ice cream, hiply packaged coffee drinks and waters, teas, and much more.

You know Rincon Market is one of a handful of places that has a butcher so if you need a specific cut of meat for a recipe or really fresh fish, voila!

I’m sure Rincon will retain its status as the iconic Sam Hughes neighborhood watering hole the minute it opens.

Rincon Market is located at 2513 E. 6th Street

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