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10 things to do with Cowboy Caviar

10 ways to use Cowboy Caviar
10 ways to use Cowboy Caviar

May is National Salsa month. Salsa is the Mexican word for “sauce.”  An unlimited amount of salsas are available today in super markets and specialty stores. What’s your favorite salsa?

My current favorite salsa is Cowboy Caviar.

Here are 10 ways to use Cowboy Caviar:

–With chips
–Pour over goat cheese or cream cheese brick – serve with chips & crudites
–Mix with Italian vinaigrette or Thousand Island for a kick-ass salad dressing
–Add to baked beans for more meaningful taste of the Southwest
–Add to mayo when making deviled eggs – the devil wore jalapeno
–Spread on a bun when making a ham or turkey sandwich
–Mix with melted butter and brush on grilled vegetables
–Scramble some eggs, mix with cheese, a dollop of sour cream (optional) and generous tablespoon and make your own breakfast burrito
–Vegan breakfast burrito – scrambled tofu, add soy cheese, and Cowboy Caviar roll into a lard-free tortilla
–Add to guacamole for more texture and bite

A jar at Trader Joe’s costs $2.29 (in Tucson) but if you make it yourself, you get more for your buck. In some circles, it’s known as Texas Caviar. This recipe uses black eyed peas vs. black beans plus avocado –

This recipe uses both black beans and black eyed peas without the avocado.

And here’s what Trader Joe’s has to say in the Fearless Flyer – By the way, Trader Joe’s ingredients are corn, black beans, red bell peppers, jalapenos, lime juice, cane sugar, chipotle peppers in adobo, spices, sea salt, chipotle pepper, and guar gum. Every damn product now has guar gum.

Here’s what another blog has to say about Cowboy Caviar.

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