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Merry Christmas – Drink Wine, Be Greytful

I saw this photo on Facebook and asked Mutt Lynch Winery permission to use it on my blog. (thank you)

courtesy Mutt Lynch Winery
courtesy Mutt Lynch Winery

As you know I have greyhounds (but love all dogs) and I love wine so I could not resist.

As for Mutt Lynch Winery, they have the kind of outlook that we should all have — think like  a dog — “bark less, wag more.”

Their motto is “Apply Dog Logic to Life: Eat Well, Be Loved, Get Petted, Sleep Alot, Dream of a Leash-Free World.”  – Sark

Mutt Lynch Winery is located in Healdsburg, Calif. (their wine tasting room is dog friendly) but you can live anywhere to get  wine shipped to you by joining Club Mutt. Also a portion of every wine sale, goes to pet rescue. I’ll drink to that!

You can check out their products here where every label has a dog. I wonder if there is a marketing study as to what draws people to wine labels? Colors? Animals? Faces? Landscapes? Provocative poses?

According to this article, “Of all the bottle beasts, none is more iconic than the domesticated canine. Wine labels that depict dogs make consumers sit up, roll over and beg.” Enough said. Woof!



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