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December 20 – National Sangria Day


December 20 – National Sangria Day

I like a good sangria. In the summer I prefer white sangria because it’s lighter but the rest of the time, a good red sangria will do.

Originating in Spain, the word sangria is the Spanish word for bleeding. The drink gets its name from the red color of the wine used in a traditional sangria recipe.

Sangria is basically a mix of wine, juices, soda water and fruit. Use a good quality red wine or white wine.

Here are a few recipes:

This sangria is perfect for winter because the wine, orange juice, brandy, and sugar are heated.

Now this blog is so creative with 11 different sangria recipes and a plethora of ingredients. Makes me thirsty right about now.

Here’s a summer sangria punch made with white wine, mango, orange slices, peach schnapps, cognac, and ginger ale.  I have made this and people raved.

Perhaps with all the fruit, it could be counted as a serving of fruit.

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