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Tucson Dining: Oyster Festival – November 10

Oysters (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kingfisher’s 3rd Annual Oyster Festival will be this coming Saturday November 10 from 10 am until 2 pm during UA Homecoming Weekend.

There will have a tent set up outside and we will be shucking 12-15 different varieties of oysters from around the country.

And if that’s not enough to pacify all you oyster-philes, there will also be oyster stew, baked oysters, fried oysters, all of the usual oyster bar items, as well as a slightly limited lunch menu.

Come early for best selection!  Kingfisher Bar & Grill is located at 2564 East Grant Road  Tucson, AZ 85716

Are oysters aphrodisiacs?

According to the ecologist dot org, oysters are reputed to be an aphrodisiac, thanks to their high levels of zinc. But if that doesn’t appeal, there’s also the fact that oysters have near-zero cholesterol, plenty of protein and are packed with minerals such as iron.

If you have any one to one feedback as to whether or not oysters are aphrodisiacs, please post your comments here.


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