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Restaurant Etiquette, What’s That?

Zagat Survey Pavilion Exit

The Zagat blog lists 10 new rules for restaurant etiquette.

The blog location is NYC. What do the rest of the United States think? Does the Big Apple’s rules rule?

Here is what the list says about kids:

“It’s fine to bring children to dinner in most restaurants. But don’t do it at places where they’d elevate the decibel level or that are meant to be romantic. Zagat surveyors split over the age at which children should be allowed: 38% say from birth while the same percent argues five years or older. Tellingly, 61% believe restaurants should be able to ban children.”

Do you believe restaurants should be able to ban children?

Read the other 9 new rules and let’s discuss. What do you agree or disagree with? Do you have another rule?


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