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Blue Moon Party – August 31

Blue Moon (beer)
Blue Moon (beer) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Blue moon is the name used when a second full moon appears in the same calendar month. The first full moon was August 1 and the second full moon will be August 31. The full moon that night will likely look no different than any other moon but on certain conditions, like volcano eruptions or forest fires, may look different, may look bluish. Please, no natural disasters just so we can see a blue moon.

The last blue moon was July 2008 but the next one won’t be until July 2015.  So celebrate now!

This is why you will want to start the tradition of a Blue Moon party. I know it’s somewhat last minute but we seem to be an impromptu society.

What would be some good foods to serve during the Blue Moon event?  You can serve blue cocktails and Circle of Food blogger Jennifer Walker may have some suggestions. Or you can drink Blue Moon beer which is what I occasionally order.

If you want to stick to blue foods, ah, you will be limited but here are some ideas:

Blueberry tart or pie, bowl of blueberries with a side of homemade whipped cream, bowls of blue M&Ms, homemade blueberry ice cream, and blueberry topped cheesecake.

Here’s an easy solution – blue corn chips with red and green salsas.  Or blue cornbread muffins which always look a sickly green or worse – gray vs. anything resembling blue.

Then there’s cupcakes dyed blue – blue cake and/or blue frosting.

Or what about wedge of blue cheese or better yet bleu cheese dip with crudités or a blue cheese quiche or if you have the budget for it – grilled steak or steak kabobs with blue cheese butter.

Here is a parade of blue foods for you to peruse or not.

Since this is the second full moon of the month, you may want to have a howling contest…after a few blue drinks, of course.

As for music, you must play the song “Blue Moon” written by Richard Rodgers (music) and Lorenz Hart (lyrics) and published in 1935. While many sang the song, it wasn’t until The Marcels, a doo-wop group, recorded the track for an album in 1961. The record reached number one on the Billboard Pop chart for three weeks and number one on the R&B chart. It also peaked at #1 on the UK Singles Chart. The Marcels’ version of “Blue Moon” sold a million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. It is featured in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll. The Marcels’ doo-wop version is one of three different versions used in the 1981 film, An American Werewolf in London. (Source: Wikipedia)

Blue Moon Lyrics
“You saw me standing alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own
Blue Moon
You know just what I was there for
You heard me saying a prayer for
Someone I really could care for

And then there suddenly appeared before me
The only one my arms will hold
I heard somebody whisper please adore me
And when I looked to the Moon it turned to gold

Blue Moon
Now I’m no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own”

And then listen to some Rhythm & Blues, light blue candles, and tell everyone to wear blue from head to toe.

Happy blue moon…

  1. Oh how fun! There’s always Blue Suede Shoes and Blue Velvet, too!

    Blue potatoes are another blue food option (aka purple potatoes–depends on the soil conditions exactly which one you get).

    I remember in Garde Manger class (cold food–aspics, charcuterie, etc.) being told that the only natural blue “food” was a poisonous mold, everything else was really more purple or green in the end, so to avoid anything colored royal blue as it was just. not. natural.

  2. Forgot about the blue suede shoes and blue velvet!

    You’re right that purple potatoes do take on a blue hue. I sometimes use them as the ingredient in my red, white, and blue potato salad.

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