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Food product review: SereniTea

convenient liquid green tea
Ready for refreshment?

Food product review: SereniTea

SereniTea® is gourmet liquid organic green tea in single serving packets.

According to the press release, SereniTea is organically grown, free from pesticides in the pristine Wuyi Rock Mountains of China, the Natural Reserve area where the flavor of tea is dramatically affected by climate, soil conditions and the care used in its processing. The Wuyi Mountains is in Fujian province of China. This pristine area has the perfect climate for tea cultivation and is known to produce some of the most pristine organic tea due to height of the farms in the region. SereniTea® contains zero carbs, zero calories and requires no brewing or steeping of tea.

The company sent Circle of Food a box to sample. The box contained 15 packets. If you are familiar with the product Emergen-C®, the packets are similar but instead of powder added to water, the packet contains a few squirts of an intense tea concentrate.

When I was bored drinking water during these past few hot and hotter weeks, I opened SereniTea packets. Amazingly, along with the hydration, the tea perked me up but not like being buzzed and sometimes shaky  from a cup of joe, or really buzzed from yerba matte.  Instead I felt energized and refreshed.

The packets can easily be tucked into a purse, change purse, or pocket (just don’t let anyone hug you). The packets can be squirted into bottled water, a glass, or a cup of hot water. Enjoy.

Flavors include lemon, peach, raspberry, and green tea. All flavors come in both caffeinated and naturally decaffeinated.  I don’t know what naturally decaffeinated means. I sampled raspberry flavor liquid organic green tea. The product contains zero carbs and zero calories.

The down side was the sweetener. I am not a fan of sucrose or any “ose” for that matter even though fructose, maltose, and sucrose are popular ingredients. When I drink tea it is without sugar or sweetener so it took some getting used to. For my particular taste buds, the sucrose may have diluted my satisfaction. Although, I could be the exception.

We all know that tea is good for us and the packaging says one single liquid packet of SereniTea contains double the dose of antioxidants found in one steeped green tea bag.

Suggested retail price is $7.99. Check out the website for more information.

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