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Healthy Eating in the Work Place

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We are told by health professionals, by tons of health-fixated magazines and by our peers to eat more fruit and vegetables. We know, however, that once our back-sides get comfortable at the desk, maintaining a well-balanced diet can seem impossible.

If you work nine-till-five like most of us, resisting the caffeine fixes and the cookies at the (horrendously positioned) water dispenser is the work of a disciplined individual!

It is true that it’s easier to reach for the fast, fatty food to get our energy quick fix, rather than prepare something well-balanced and good for our bodies and minds. But how does all that junk food affect our performance in the work place?

– For one, junk food contains barely any nutrients. Therefore, although it is often the easy option and will grant a short-lived boost, it will not keep us focussed or energy levels high during the work day.

– Lethargy – commonly known as the feeling of ‘entering a food coma’ (that horrible slump you feel following the consumption of heavy, processed and often very fatty food) – can make us irritable. We feel more and more tired as the day progresses, which can make us lax in completing our work responsibilities.

– Over long periods of time, poor food choices – matched with the fact that the majority of us do minimal exercise – contribute to continued poor performance at work, as well as obesity. Should it continue, you can kiss goodbye to that new pencil skirt you just purchased, as well as – possibly – your job.

– In severe cases, poor diet severely attacks vital organs like the liver and the heart and can even lead to diabetes.

Although this may seem like a pretty extreme case, not being able to reach our ultimate ability in today’s competitive work place can have its knock-on effect. We need to be able to perform to our best capacity, and we need to look after our bodies as well as our minds to do so. So when health experts tell us that fruit and vegetables are essential to our diets, and therefore our health, we had better open our ears, because…

– vegetables are naturally rich in fibre, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They’re low in calories and are generally great for skin, maintaining a healthy weight and brilliant for boosting energy levels.

– fruit, similarly, is Mother Nature’s natural sugar, so it tastes great and will give you the drive needed to complete everything on your To-Do-List – without that nasty sugar-slump that fast-food gives.

– both fruit and vegetables are great for our brains. This means that our concentration levels are better when we eat healthily, and we are much more likely to spend our days working productively.

This all may seem obvious, but it is important to remind ourselves of the ultimate truths about food. Take top athletes for example. Do you think they can get away with pigging-out on junk? What are the chances of them performing brilliantly when they are fuelling their bodies with saturated fats and chemically-induced, heavy foods?

And it’s not just their bodies that need performance-boosting sustenance; the body wouldn’t be able to work without a well-nourished brain now would it? Good food is important for the whole system to achieve brilliance.

We don’t need to keep our food habits in quite as strict a regime as say, someone training for the Olympics, but you get the point: eat better, perform better.

But what about the hassle of going to get the fruit and vegetables? Preparing the food? Carrying it to the office?

Today, we are privileged enough to live in a world where good food is offered to us in abundance. There are fruits and vegetables being sold on our doorstep from all over the world. There are people who live and breathe organic food, who will happily do the jobs we don’t want to; grow, pick, prepare and deliver a great mixture of fruit and/or vegetables in one healthy basket, straight to the office door. There are great-tasting healthy snacks – like fruit bowls, nuts, dried fruits and cereal bars – packaged specifically for our grab-and-go convenience, to meet our busy lifestyles.

Chances are, you only have to look out of the office window to see a supermarket or a fruit-and-vegetable stand. There’s really no longer any excuse not to eat healthy and reach our physical potential.  So, next time it is your turn to treat the gang at work, think “fruitful office uk“.

Beating those food cravings in between meals can be easier than you think too. Nuts and dried fruits are the top snacking treat, and they’re available in huge bags to keep next to the computer.  So dump that secret-stash of chocolate and put down that third cola of the day, because you don’t have to be a City Sloth any longer. And your boss will love you for it.

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