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Product Review: Kahlua Iced Coffee to Go, Cocktails

Kahlua cocktails to go
Kahlua iced coffee made easy

Product Review: Kahlua Iced Coffee to Go

I love Kahlua, an intensely rich coffee liqueur from Mexico. Pour a tablespoon or two over chocolate or coffee ice cream (okay vanilla for you purists) and you have a simple dessert for the 21+ crowd.

I received some samples delivered by Fed-Ex, that’s one of the perks about blogging about food & cocktails. (wink)

I’m going to be very bad here and think back several ago when I had a civil service job and was bored out of my gourd. Some of us did substance abuse on the premises. Or at break time, we ran across the street to the Music Center Bar and did shots and ran back to work. It was a wild bunch. No worries! There was no heavy machinery involved.

But back here in my home office, I needed a pick me up at 2:30 and popped open a can. Ah, delish. It did perk me as well as give me a buzz. While adult beverages have their place, I should’ve waited until at least happy hour, say 5 p.m. I do not need to start drinking so early in the day. The buzz hung on longer than I would’ve liked in order to be productive. There’s 5% alcohol per volume, 6.8 oz. (150 calories).  It looked like the size of an individual vegetable cocktail can.

According to the tasting notes, Kahlúa Iced Coffee delivers the artisanal taste of iced dark coffee using Kahlúa’s locally sourced 100% Arabica coffee beans from Veracruz, Mexico. I would have to agree: the coffee flavor rocked.

In order of yumminess, I liked Ice Coffee with Cinnamon Spice, Iced Espresso, and then Iced Mocha. The mocha didn’t seem mocha-y enough for me, not as defined as I anticipated.

For pre-mixed cocktails plus the convenience of grab and go, this product is a refreshing change from fruity and often overly sweet margaritas and pina coladas.

You can find these Kahlua iced coffee drinks in stores coast to coast. Suggested retail price: $2.50/can or $9.99 for a 4-pack.

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