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Get your Five a Day with Sizzling Stir Fry Recipes

wok-stir-fry (Photo credit: Food Thinkers)

Many people are starting to make a conscious effort to live a healthier lifestyle this summer and fitting your five a day in to your daily food intake is one way to do this. Replacing your usually sugary snacks and high calorie meals with healthy alternatives such as fruit and vegetables is the first step to feeling and looking great this summer. Eating five separate pieces of fruit or vegetables may seem like a difficult task but there are a few ways to achieve this.

Stir Fry dishes are the perfect meal for any occasion as there is so much choice when it comes to the ingredients and they can be whipped up quickly. Many people think that all stir fry dishes are fattening but they don’t have to be. Avoiding battered fish and meats is one way of halving the calorie count of your stir fry. Red and green peppers, cabbage, bok choy, mushrooms, broccoli, mange tout and sugar snap peas all work well in a stir fry dish. With a non stick wok, you do not need to add dollops of butter or oil to the pan making stir fry recipes even more appealing. Here are a few tips on making the perfect low calorie stir fry.

Before you begin searching for the healthiest ingredients to put in your stir fry, it is advisable to invest in some high quality cooking equipment. If you want to create a tasty stir fry quickly, a wok is a must have. If you want to cook for a large number of people, you will need to invest in a large wok that can hold a lot of ingredients. If you want to be sure that your wok is of the highest quality, go online to do your research. There are thousands of cookware retailers online but with a bit of time you can compare the best manufactured at the touch of a button. Consider investing in Procook woks.

Once you have chosen the perfect wok, it is time to choose your ingredients. Opt for the freshest ingredients and remember it is not only the ingredients that affect how healthy your meal is but also the way they are cooked. Throw in as many vegetables as you like to create guilt free meals in minutes.

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