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Dinner Party Ideas? Four Sure-To-Please Ideas

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English: Design for progressive dinner party for 36 people (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Themed Party Food

Creating a fun theme for your dinner party can actually make the evening less stressful as you can eliminate all of the possibilities outside of this theme. You could choose an Italian theme, an Indian theme, Greek, Chinese or American. If you are feeling adventurous, you could even plan a dinner party that celebrates your favorite film or book.

Share and Share Alike

Whether you are throwing your first dinner party or you regularly cook for dinner guests, you can’t go wrong with creating a dish that is designed to be shared. Add the element of fun to your next dinner party by serving one course that your guests can share. If you are having a themed dinner party, you could incorporate a sharing platter to complement the theme as a starter. Alternatively, you can leave the best until last and surprise your guests with a chocolate fondue.

Old Favourites with a Twist

If you are not a confident cook, stick to what you know. Choose meals that you are comfortable with but find a creative way of presenting it to your guests. Soup makes a great starter but why not experiment with the way you serve your food. Go online and be inspired by hundreds of innovative serving suggestions. You can be as daring as you wish. A popular choice for dinner parties is to serve your soup in a large round crusty bread roll to put a signature twist on the standard soup and a roll.

Don’t Forget the Drinks

There are many ways to impress your guests with your menu but dramatic drinks are another way to get their attention as soon as they walk in the door. Homemade cocktails are guaranteed to impress and are quick and simple to make. Once you have chosen three of your favourite cocktails to complement your menu, add the finishing touches with tasty garnishes. Cucumber, orange peel and berries make great garnishes and are the perfect way to make your cocktails look professional.

Go Online to Find Fabulous Food Ideas  

If you are stuck for fabulous food ideas, go online to be inspired. You can browse hundreds of recipe ideas at the touch of a button and find many unique ways to make your dinner party a success.

If you cannot face cooking for your own dinner party, why not explore other ideas? Hiring a caterer can take the stress out of your dinner party and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Catering from DeWintons is a popular choice for those who wish to serve stunning food at lavish lunches, dinner parties, weddings or corporate events.

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