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Does your child have food allergies?

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Everyone seems to have a food allergy of some kind or another.

I have a friend who is allergic to dairy, eggs, and tree nuts.

But what is an allergy? Is any allergy the same as an intolerance?

I myself am allergic to bee stings (I swell up and can’t breathe) and down feathers and cats. It’s a real inconvenience to be allergic to cats because so many people have them as pets and if I go to a nice B&B, I have to ask them to remove the down comforter. What a drag.

I also have an intolerance to tarragon and really, really dislike the taste of milk to the point of gagging. Buttermilk and yogurt or kefir are just fine.

But about those children…how can you tell what they are allergic to?

Here’s a good article from Nanny-Pro with a few tips…

The scary thing for adults and children alike is all the mislabeling of products. Not a week goes by then at least two or three products have been mislabeled and voluntarily recalled. You would be surprised what has egg or soy or whey (dairy) in the product and it’s not listed on the label.

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