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Traditional Holiday Dinner with LAFF Gal Pals 2011

Two Sisters (Sandy and Pat) Show Off Their Plates

The holidays are over and nobody is thinking about food now, but I always post the photos and recipes to our Christmas feast that Carolyn Mueller and I put on for our LAFF Gal Pals.  It is always held at Carolyn’s lovely home.  This year we had a total of 12 at the table.

This is my third year helping Carolyn with the meal and I think this was the best one yet because it was uniquely our own creation, in terms of the recipes we chose.  I really feel there is an art to planning a meal.  We both worked hard to find the right combination of flavors, not to mention coordinating the preparation so that everything did not have to be in the oven at once!  We did it, but it took us four hours to plan the menu.

We started with an inspiration recipe, a Sweet Potato Spoon Bread, that I had found in the December Better Homes and Gardens Magazine this year.  It was easy to make and I knew it was a hit because I had already made it three times prior to this and everyone loved it.  So that set our theme — a Southern Christmas.

  Our Menu




As you can see in the photos below, the table Carolyn sets is exquisite.  We are informal only in how we serve the food buffet style in the kitchen.  This is my preference at my own home as well.  Please remember to come back next holiday season and try some or all of these recipes.  I guarantee it will be a hit with your guests.

  1. Sounds like a fabulous fete–thanks for sharing all of the recipes!

    I agree that planning a menu is more than just pulling some favorite recipes together. When I plan a party menu I evaluate each item on texture, temperature and components as well as flavor. This ensures that not only is there variety at the table but that there’s enough contrast in each category that the meal doesn’t just all blend into one food orgy but remains separate elements on the palate as well as in the memory.

  2. I don’t necessarily think people have to wait until next year’s holiday to make any of the recipes.

    Add some pizazz to your table now.

    Thanks for posting as it sounds like an amazing group of women enjoying food and friendship.

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