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Cookbook Review: 300 Best Rice Cooker Recipes

Rice cooker cookbook
Eat more rice!

Cookbook Review: 300 Best Rice Cooker Recipes

Gift Idea: Cookbook & Rice Cooker

Your mother, brother, or girlfriend has been contemplating buying a rice cooker.

Bright idea: Why not buy them a cookbook – 300 Best Rice Cooker Recipes? And if you’re generous, buy the rice cooker too.

Why a rice cooker?

Since the 1940s, rice cookers have been a staple in Asian American households but the appeal to eat more rice, more whole grains, and more legumes continues to grow. With a rice cooker (also cooks whole grains and legumes), the appliance automatically turns itself off when finished so there’s no fear of burnt food. Rice cookers do not hog counter space and are portable, so go ahead and take the rice cooker to your little cabin in the woods (with electricity).

Rice cookers cost between $15 and $200. So you have to do some research (which the book provides) and consider your budget and how many bells and whistles you want and can afford.

Beyond white – the book goes into the origin of rice and the many varieties – brown, basmati, long grain, red rice, black rice, jasmine, sticky, risotto and more. The book also explains the numerous whole grains and legumes and how to prepare. Just reading the pages – I already feel like a know it all.

The book presents recipes for breakfasts – Berry Breakfast Risotto, Cowboy Breakfast Tamales + 15 more recipes.

There are pages for appetizers, snacks, and sushi, salads, soups, entrees (fried forbidden rice with shrimp), pilafs, one pot meals, side dish, steam cuisine, and desserts (sticky rice with mango). And a few mouthwatering photos too.

The book is thorough and filled with food recipes to tempt every palate.

The author, Katie Chin, should be proud of her accomplishment. Eat more rice.

  1. Nice post! I agree that a rice cooker can save lots of time and free folks up to cook other meals on the stove.

    To add to your great article there are even rice cookers that serve as multi-purpose cookers and can slow cook meals and steam food.

    Models like the Sanyo ECJ-HC100S and Zojirushi’s latest Umami cooker model are examples of this.

    Both rice cookers use fuzzy logic technology which monitors how the rice is cooking resulting in higher quality rice over the standard plug, set and forget units.

    They even offer folks several rice selections such as white or brown rice. I always found brown rice challenging to prepare before buying the Sanyo cooker.

    My brown rice and even wild and mixed rice come out far better these days. More on texture and flavor when compared to trying to cook in my Faberware pot.

    Should your readers be interested, the Sanyo is around $125, the Zojirushi Umami cooker around $230 or so.

    As far as that cook book goes, I never had a look at that one but do have one called The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cook Book which I found helpful.

    Once again, nice post and Kind Regards,


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