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Canned Pumpkin Withdrawal

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In a nutshell: This was dated November 23 (before Thanksgiving) but it didn’t come to my email box until November 28 (after Thanksgiving weekend) at 5:06 pm MST. Why the lag time?

Giant Eagle press release/distributed by FDA

Giant Eagle Canned Pumpkin Media Statement

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 23, 2011 – Giant Eagle, Inc. performed a voluntary market withdrawal of all Valu Time brand canned pumpkin purchased on or after August 30, 2011, as well as all Food Club brand canned pumpkin purchased on or after October 28, 2011. These brands are produced by Topco Associates, LLC.

The market withdrawal was performed out of an abundance of caution as a result of the product not meeting quality standards. While Giant Eagle is not aware of any immediate health concern, the company is working with Topco to further investigate the situation and wil notify customers if any additional actions are warranted as a result of these efforts.

Customers should not consume these products in any way, or anything in which they were used as ingredients, and should dispose of the product.

Customers are invited to receive a full refund, complimentary pie, or replacement ingredients, from any area Giant Eagle, Inc. supermarket.

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