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Cooking Tips: Kitchen Improvise

Using an orange zester to zest an orange.
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You’re starting to ready for Thanksgiving and you don’t have certain tools to cook or get the food on the table. All the stores are closed which is a miracle in itself and you don’t have to time to go there even if they were open. Your neighbors are no help either. What are you going to do?  Improvise!

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The Daily Meal, the site that houses all things food and drink, comes to the rescue with its Emergency Thanksgiving Toolbox. Don’t fret if you lack a potato masher or lemon zester. The Daily meal’s savvy team has channeled both Mario Batali and MacGyver to serve up some makeshift, meal-saving tools you can find around your house. A few of these smart solutions include:

·         No Gravy Separator à Watering Can: The mechanics behind a gravy separator allow for the turkey juices to be separated from the fat—which accumulates at the top of the container—so that you can pour the juice through the spout at the base of the container. A small watering can will do the same thing, because of the positioning of the spout. If your watering can’s spout starts near the middle of the container, simply cover the top with plastic wrap and duct tape, and then invert the can.

Blogger’s note: I never heard of a gravy separator.

·      No Peeler à Single Blade Razor: If you find yourself without a peeler on Thanksgiving Day, head to your bathroom cabinet. A single-blade razor (unused, disposable ones preferred) will work wonders as a makeshift peeler. A paring knife or new pumice stone will also do the trick for thinner-skinned vegetables like potatoes or carrots.

Blogger’s note: While getting that razor blade, bring some Bandaids too.
·         No Roasting Rack à Cake Pan: In place of a roasting rack, fashion a cake pan upside down (the shallower it is, the better) in the bottom of your roasting pan and place the turkey on top. This will keep the turkey elevated so that the bottom stays golden and crispy. Just be extra cautious when placing the turkey in the oven.

Blogger’s note: they are assuming you have a cake pan.

·         No Pastry Brush à Unused Toothbrush: A pastry brush can be used to coat uncooked crusts and pastries with butter before baking. However, you can also use an unused toothbrush or paper towel instead to achieve the same results.

Here’s a list of last minute fixes from The Daily Meal.

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