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Tired of turkey for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Dinner, Falmouth, Maine, USA 2008
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I was recently having a discussion with a friend about how I am so tired of turkey and thought I would make Cuban sloppy joes instead. However, as luck would have it — I decided to invite a few stray friends for Thanksgiving and we will be having turkey. I saw that Trader Joe’s had frozen turkey breast (although dark meat is my favorite) with cornbread stuffing. I will add with some traditional and non-traditional sides and be surprised about dessert and a guest is bringing it.My goal is to serve less of the starchy carbs associated with Thanksgiving dinner.

However, if you’re tired of turkey — this article has some good ideas how to celebrate with Cornish game hens, steak, squash lasagne casseroles and more.

Roasted salmon with cranberry mustard sauce sounds like a fabulous idea.

“Salmon has become a fan-favorite among Thanksgiving turkey replacers, and this particular recipe really aims to please. The flavorful combination of sweet cranberry and salty Dijon mustard keeps the salmon moist and incredibly delicious.”

My friend MJ once poached a salmon on Thanksgiving and we never missed the turkey.

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