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Worldly Recipes with a Trader Joe’s touch

Imagine creating a cookbook with the idea of using products from Trader Joe’s

Well, that’s exactly what Cherie Mercer Twohy has done.  And while TJ’s is not associated with the project, Twohy has done an admirable job of creating a full slate of international recipes using TJ’s items. Chapters include the expected stuff  like Italian, Chinese and Mexican recipes, but Twohy also includes chapters like ‘Island Flavors,’ ‘Middle East Magic,’ ‘African Adventure’ and ‘Greek Idyll.’

They all sound tempting and are enhanced by beautiful photos. I’d like to try the Banh Mi, which includes TJ’s Truffle Mousse Pate and their demi-baguettes. The Indian pulao, in addition to a ton of spices, has Trader Joe’s coconut milk in it. There are a total of 140 recipes in all; enough to keep a home chef busy for weeks.

Twohy owns and operates her own cooking school, Chez Cherie, La Canada, California. www.chezcherie.com.

The book is published by Ulysses Press, who has, in recent moths, sent me some interesting cookbooks. www.ulyssespress.com.

Rita Connelly
Rita Connelly

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