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Cake Pops. What a concept.

I love being a food writer for many reasons; one of them being that people send me things for my “inspection.”  After checking things out, I pass the items on either donating them to charity or giving them to someone I know will make good use of them.  Such is the case with the second bake book I received from Ulysses Press a few weeks ago (see my previous review of “Mini Pies”.)  I plan on gifting them both to my boss at my day job as she loves to bake.

The second book is called, “Crazy for Cake Pops.” The name itself sounds like lots of fun and these tiny treats sure are (we had some at my nephew’s wedding in lieu of a wedding cake.)  Author Molly Bakes – I think that really is her name – is a well known baker in London and cake pops are her thing.  And after reading the book, it’s easy to see why she and her creations are so popular.

The pops are just darling! Some are downright beautiful! There are fifty pop recipes in all and they range from simple three color pops to intricate wedding rose pops. There’s a pop for every occasion or holiday. I especially like the mini purse pops and the flowerpot pops. She even makes some that resemble sushi.

The book includes detailed instructions complete with photos,  great technique help and lists of suppliers for the molds, sticks, candy and other ingredients.

The more detailed pops are probably for the advanced baker (or artist) but something tells me that once you got started making these treats you might get into the fancier pops.

I sure hope my boss does.

Rita Connelly
Rita Connelly

  1. I received the same book and have been drooling over it. I may have to try to make them for a special occasion. Thanks for sharing.

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