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Food Terrorism – Killer Cantaloupes

North American "cantaloupes"
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This morning in the grocery store I noticed that cantaloupes were labeled “grown in California” as opposed to the killer cantaloupes grown in Colorado.

While I was actually craving cantaloupe (with cottage cheese), I passed them by.   The taste of remembering how many people have died so far ( 15) from listeria laced cantaloupe made me buy pears instead.

This blog cannot even keep up with all the foods that have been recalled lately.

Food is recalled because of food poisoning like E.coli, listeria, salmonella, and other potentially fatal bacterias and from mislabeling. People have allergies to nuts, milk, soy, wheat, eggs, and a myriad of chemicals/spices that are not properly labeled. And then there’s the unviscerated parts, the foods that bypassed inspections, the foreign materials found in products like plastic or glass bits, and — the utter filth. Who can forget the peanut butter recall? That peanut butter maker sourced a cross section of grocery stores and pricey food emporiums, organic and conventional.

It used to be that only ground beef was a known food recall item but now it’s ground turkey, eggs, cilantro, spinach, lettuce, peanut butter, pistachios, lox, strawberries, papaya, chicken soup, bean sprouts…even organic vegetables are being recalled.  And let’s not forget cat food and dog food and treats.

Lost your appetite yet?

People are so afraid of terrorism. Our food sources are terrorizing enough.   Here’s the latest from Food Safety News about killer cantaloupes.

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