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Epicurious- Food Phone App


The next latest and greatest phone application I am going to review is called Epicurious. This app has been a huge success so far and it really does have a lot to offer.

Basically this app is a huge recipe book on the go. It houses thousands of recipes from different areas and types of food.

A huge plus of this app is it categorizes the food and drinks into categories such as snacks, desserts, healthy options, dinner party items, etc.

No matter what meal you want, you will be able to find the recipe. After you get the recipe, it will show you step by step instructions on your phone on how to make this meal. And if that isn’t enough, the app will go one step further and help you create a shopping list to get everything you need to make the recipe as well as an option to send it to all your friends.

Again, to go one step further, as you are doing your grocery shopping, the app will let you check off the items you already picked up in the store to help customize your experience all the way from finding the recipe to actually cooking it.

Last, you can also save your favorite recipes in this app to create a special file of all your recipes. This app can really do a lot and if you like to cook even a little bit, I would suggest getting this app and checking it out.

Enjoy and let me know your feedback on the app!

Torie Nicholas

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