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“Where” I-Phone App

Throughout the month of August, I am going to be reviewing different food and restaurant related phone applications. Since there are so many applications out there for mobile devices, I am going to try and pick the top apps and learn a little bit more about each one.

For the first app I am going to review, it is called Where. This application is worth downloading  just to check it out because it is free. This app works similar to a GPS and can help you find different types of food and coffee no matter where you are.


Helps you in unfamiliar areas to find a place to eat or a place to stop and get something to drink.


This app does not offer any pictures of the restaurant, reviews of the restaurant or even restaurant prices, so it is harder to get a good understand of which restaurant you want to pick without doing further research elsewhere.  

Also, this app is a waste in my opinion because if you have a phone GPS or car GPS you can do the same things or MORE without this application.

Overall in my opinion, this application is not worth having. Although it is free, it offers no added value than your normal GPS. If you are only going to need a GPS to look up restaurants and never need it for directions, it makes sense to have this app…but when is that the case?

I also think GPS’s are better than this app in many ways because on my car GPS, it will give you the restaurant number so you can call for more details.

Application for the: I-Phone

Cost: FREE

Torie Nicholas

  1. GPS is really wonderful I-Phone App. through it we can find the location of place like food , tea , coffee shoppe. car GPS, it will give you the restaurant number so i think it is better than others . If we are in alone place then this software is more impact full for us.
    thanks for giving such a great information. i always keep this blog in my mind . it’s impressed me.

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