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iFob I-Phone App

                The next mobile application I am going to review is called iFob. The purpose of this application is to connect with people that are within close range of you at restaurants and maybe even strike up a conversation and have someone to eat with…all over your phone.

                To me, the premise of this application is quite strange because it encourages meeting someone online at the restaurant you are at instead of going up to them and speaking to them yourself. I think if you are alone at a restaurant and want to meet someone, you should be social and try to actually meet someone face to face instead of hiding behind your phone.

Also, I do not like this phone app because it is not very practical. Say you do think this would be interesting and want to use it… tell me how many other people know about the phone app and are using it at the same time as you as the same restaurant… highly unlikely in my opinion

This application also makes little sense how it was created because instead of working with GPS technologies to connect people, it works with Wi-Fi technology. So not only do users have to be at the restaurant or local place on this app, but the local restaurant also has to have free Wi-Fi for you to even start to use this.

Overall, a waste of space on your phone to talk to people sitting near you without actually having a face to face conversation.

Application for the: I-Phone

Cost: FREE

Torie Nicholas

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