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Food Safety: Arsenic Laced Apple Juice

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This is disturbing: According to an article in the Food Safety News, Mott’s Apple Juice from China (#&+@ is everything made in China these days?) is laced with more arsenic than our drinking water is allowed to have.

According to Food & Water Watch, more than 70 percent of the apple juice consumed in the United States now comes from the People’s Republic of China, where the government has acknowledged a problem enforcing a new food safety law.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) limits arsenic in public drinking water to 10 parts per billion, a level that has forced some communities to invest millions on treatment to cut existing levels.
Testing demonstrated that Mott’s Apple Juice arsenic levels were 55 parts per billion.
Read the article — most at risk are children because they consume the most apple juice. Also, I would think hospital patients and the elderly who are institutionalized.

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