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Recipes for Gluten-Free Kids

Flourless Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Glaze
Image by Rooey202 via Flickr

It’s hard enough getting kids to eat healthy. What about if they have dietary restrictions like gluten free?

Here’s a helpful website which explores that conundrum and offers 100 recipe solutions for a happy gluten free kid.

I’m not a kid and I don’t have gluten restrictions but — yikes — these recipes look tasty.

Let’s see what about green eggs and ham quiche, Thai chicken wraps, carrot french fries, lemon cheesecake bars, gluten-free brownies and more!

And for you adults who don’t eat gluten, here are more recipes more often.

How does your gluten free kid handle being around other kids who don’t have gluten allergies during outings and parties?

Are there any gluten free guest bloggers who want to blog about making dietary changes and the challenges? If yes, please contact karynzoldan@yahoo.com and put “gluten” in the subject line.

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