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Cookbook Review: Cookouts Veggie Style!

Grilling for Vegetarians
the best way to eat your veggies

It’s summer, a 3-day weekend, people are thinking about grilling and chilling.

If you want to break out of the usual hot dogs and hamburgers mold, think about veggies.  I bet every time you turn around – one of your friends or a family member is either eating less meat or going vegetarian or vegan.

Having a few good cookbooks in your arsenal is a good idea.  Jumping on the Meatless Monday trend is another bright idea.

Cookouts Veggie Style by Jolinda Hackett brims with easy recipes for herbivores and carnivores, even the hard to please ones.

Since grilling in the crux of the book, the author explains the various types of grills from expensive to cheap, grilling accessories, and how to prepare and maintain the grill. Expensive does not always mean better so don’t feel you have to buy the best. More important than the cost is the flavor or use of different wood. If using charcoal briquettes which traditionally have a chemical flavor, Hackett recommends a bundle of herbs in water on the grate to evoke a fresh scent.

Granted I didn’t make any of these because right now in Arizona, it’s just too damn hot to stand outside over a grill unless I was up to doing so at 6 a.m. (I’m not.)

Perusing the pages, here are some recipes that caught my eye and will be on the menu when the weather drops by 20 degrees.

Some mouth watering recipes oozing with ingredient diversity include: goat cheese & mango quesadillas on the grill, gourmet grilled popcorn, Southwestern BBQ tofu salad, grilled pear & romaine salad, lemon couscous with grilled persimmons, Indian spiced polenta with mango chutney, curry masala corn on the cob, grilled swiss cheese with apples, easy peasy Portobello patties, mojito marinated tofu, sweet & spicy Kansas City tofu, and stuffed poblanos. There are 225 recipes…I’ve only mentioned a few to whet your appetite…

The Chocolate Elvis sounds addictive and it’s not even in the dessert section!

Ah, the desserts…what about California grilled figs with white wine sauce? Lots of desserts too…

I like to eat appetizers, desserts, and wine. Who needs the main course?

My only criticism with the book is so few photos. But that’s a small thing for a book that sells itself with intelligently enticing recipes for your soul and mouth.

Enjoy!  If you try some of the recipes, let us know what you made and what you liked.

Do you have a favorite vegetarian recipe for the grill?

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