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The Brickhouse Restaurant Review

The Brickhouse is another restaurant I have tried recently. You probably could come to the conclusion that I eat out a lot, but really it is only as a special treat with my boyfriend on the weekend or with interns for lunch to get to know each other. Anyway, the Brickhouse is a new restaurant that was built within the past year in Cuyahoga Falls off the Howe Ave. exit.

After first seeing it built, I had always wanted to try it from the cool architectural feel, but never got around to trying it…..so finally we made it in to try

Overall, I really really enjoyed this restaurant and will definitely come back in the future. It not only has a great reasonably priced menu, but it also has a fun atmosphere, a large outdoor patio and bar area, as well as a large fire pit on the patio and couches inside around the tables.

The one part of the restaurant that I was not expecting is the audience it is geared for. Although there were mostly couples there when we went, you can definitely tell it is primarily for guys. I say this because the dress code for the waitresses, yes all waitresses, was short shorts and low cut t-shirts. It didn’t bother me one bit or take away from my great experience at the place, but if you do not know much about this restaurant, you would have no idea walking in about the staff.

Even with thus being so, I would still highly recommend the restaurant. All in all, my boyfriend and I walked out after dinner paying $27 including tip for 2 entrees and an appetizer…not too bad

Torie Nicholas

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