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Firehouse Pub Restaurant Review

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A week ago, a bunch of the Goodyear Interns went to lunch together. Since a bunch of the interns are not from the area, we always to try to plan events to get to know each other. I am in charge of planning the lunches so I decided to pick a place very close to work that was recommended to me. This place is called Firehouse Pub. The location we went to is on E. Market St. in Akron and their other location in the area is in Cuyahoga Falls.

This restaurant is a small pub and bar, but it was highly recommended to me for the food. Since I set up the event, I decided to get there a little before noon to get a couple large tables for our group. The restaurant was very good about seating us, but once we ordered, it took FOREVER to get our food.

It took so long, partially from the slow service and partially from the size of the restaurant, that some of the interns had to leave and get their food to go. We ended up getting our food around 1pm, after we had ordered at 12:10. Now, that is a long wait, especially when all the food was sandwiches and salads.

However, once we got our food everyone was impressed. It was very delicious American food and the waitresses were very nice about splitting up the checks.

I would recommend this restaurant to everyone as long as you have unlimited time. We were not the first occurrence of slow service. After the lunch, I found out about slow service at that place from my boss. Again, he recommended the food too but said it took just as long for them with a party of four.

So again it’s up to you, but how long are you willing to wait for food at lunch?

Torie Nicholas

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