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Ways to Save Money at Work

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Although I have a great internship at Goodyear this summer, I am always looking for ways to save money on food while at work to cut down my total expenses. I could afford to eat lunch out every day, but it would not only be expensive but also be very unhealthy. Sometime it is more convenient to eat in or even to eat a quick lunch.

Here are some tips on how I save money at my job on food…

1. Always pack your breakfast or eat before you come to work.

Breakfast is very important, especially when you are getting up early and working full time. Make sure to eat before you come to work or pack your breakfast with you. Breakfast out is almost just as expensive as lunch out and it is one great way to cut costs.

2. Always keep a water bottle at your desk

First of all, water is very important to drink throughout the day regardless so this will help you get your body hydrated everyday. Also, it will help you stay away from constantly buying pop or coffee while at work.

3. Keep snacks at your desk

Work is unpredictable. You might have to come in early or stay late. To help from getting too hungry, healthy snacks at your desk can really hold you over and keep yout energy up while at work.

4. Pack all your sides

If are are going to eat lunch at work because of the convenience factor, or if you do not have a fridge, make sure you only buy the main course. This will help you save money by packing a drink, snack and fruit/vegetable to go along with the sandwich or soup at work.

If you are lucky enough, your company might even have a cafeteria on site to help you grab something quick. I hope this tips help cut down on your costs and I would welcome more comments and tips to help save money at work!

Torie Nicholas

  1. Great advice. When I worked in the corporate world, I always took a sack lunch (literally) because I wanted to throw away the contents and not have anything to bring home to wash. I often would freeze the sandwich so it would stay cold en route. I used to freeze the pop-can also, but nowadays, the aluminum is so thin, you can’t do it without it popping a hole.

    However, there are such cute, insulated lunch sacks out there these days, that if I had to do it over, I might try those.

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