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Fourth of July Jello Shots

It's not a party w/o my world famous JELLO SHOTS!
Image by Forty Photographs via Flickr

Jello shots are a very festive way to celebrate the holiday. They are easy to make and fun for parties. For Fourth of July, follow the recipe below but only use Red and Blue jello for holiday colors. Top with whipped cream for a holiday feel!

Make sure you chill for 4-5 hours so they are hard before serving.

Star Spangled Jello Shooters

4 c  Package Jello*
2 c  Boiling water
2 c  Liquor**

*Any flavor.
* *86 or 100 proof–don’t use 151, any type.
Dissolve the Jello in the boiling water and let it cool.

Add the liquor. Pour about 1/8 to 1/4 cup into little paper cups and chill.

Squeeze the whole cupful into your mouth–no spoons or partial servings!

Vodka is the usual first choice, but rum is really good too.


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