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Starbucks on Top!

A Starbucks barista.
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This is crazy to believe but Starbucks is now the 3rd largest US Restaurant Chain. #1 is McDonald’s…surprise surprise and #2 is Subway.

It is very astonishing to think that Starbucks is currently ahead of Fast Food Giants such as Burger King and Wendy’s.

Over the past years, the numbers have been changing a lot. Historically, the fast food chains dominated the United States. Now… McDonald’s is the only one in the top three that serves burgers and Starbucks is not even a “fast food” restaurant.

Starbucks is on the rise again… what do you think about that?


Torie Nicholas

  1. Torie
    I can see how Starbucks is so high on the list because they have had huge growth and since their menu is limited they don’t need a kitchen and all that storage, ventilation, inventory, that some of those fast food places need.

    I believe the food at Starbucks comes from local or regional suppliers per Starbucks recipes. They only need worry about the coffee and accessories.

    It is all mind boggling though. Also Starbucks doesn’t advertise on TV like the burger and Subways.

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