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Giant Eagle Wine Dinner

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Once a month, my mom hosts a Wine Dinner at Giant Eagle where wine shoppers can come and enjoy a nice night of food and wine. Although this event has only been going on for about a year, it is planned very well and it was a treat to attend.

Last week, my boyfriend Erik and I went to the monthly wine dinner. It costs $15 per person for a 5 course meal and wines with each course…not too bad

The event is set up is the nice area of the store with tables and we were even lucky enough to have the wine maker from California fly in for the event. Throughout the event, we get to hear about all the great food from the chef and also the great wine pairings from the wine maker.

Each dinner, there are different courses and different wine pairings so it is always a treat.

For our wine experience, our first course consisted of a mixed seafood grill (swordfish, scallop, shrimp) citrus glaze and rice pilaf. The wine with this course was Fish Chardonnay.

Course #2 was grilled balsamic chicken bruschetta with roasted garlic crostini. The wine with this course was Chicken Pinot Noir.

Course #3 was vegetable stuffed poblano peppers with feta. The wine with this course was Pietro Family Cellars North Coast Cabernet.
Course #4 was grilled beef, brussels sprout and potato skewers with a horseradish sauce. The wine with this course was Steak Cabernet.
Course #5 was grilled meatloaf sliders with roasted peper relish and mashed potatoes. The wine served with the final course with Vertex.
All the food was amazing and the chef even gave everyone there the recipes to make the food at home.
If you live in Northwest Ohio, I would suggest coming to this monthly wine event and you will be impressed!
Torie Nicholas

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