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Epic Meal Time

Have you ever heard of this show?….

Epic Meal Time is a show that is CRAZY. On the show, guys create an epic meal using insane ingredients to make an “epic” meal. I had never heard of the show until my boyfriend showed me. Then after watching a short episode, I found out my brother liked the show too.

It isn’t serious with cooking, but really pleases the “guy” crowd. It is meant to be funny. On each meal, there are thousands upon thousands of calories and they make the food HUGE.

The one episode I watched was where they made fajitas and Mexican Food. They literally added pounds of meat, bottles of alcohol and tons of ingredients. I was grossed out when I watched this show, but it really is popular to guys.

Check it out! It’s intense!



Torie Nicholas

  1. I saw this show because of my nephew (yes, the guy thing here) had sent a link on his Facebook account and the episode I saw was about making lasagna with layers of hamburgers and quarts of sauce from fast food restaurants. It truly was gross.

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