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Tucson Restaurant News

A Five Guys (restaurant)hamburger.
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Tucson restaurant news: Buddy’s Grill, Montana Avenue, burgers, Panera, Pastiche, Slow Food Tucson

Update June 22: Panera is coming to Tucson. I posed the question below. According to reliable sources -Panera Bread now owns Paradise Bakery & Cafe and are opening a new Panera-Paradise hybrid here. They have plans to open two locations this year (September) and a potential third next year. Stay tuned for more info…

Closed: Buddy’s Grill
Buddy’s Grill at 4821 E. Grant Road is closed. A sign posted on the window thanks patrons for 22 good years. I would think this location is prime restaurant real estate. The Buddy’s Grill on the southeast side is still open at 7385 S. Houghton Rd. @Valencia, 881-2226. The closed restaurant is still listed on the website as of this writing.

Switching: Montana Avenue
Fox Restaurant Concept Montana Avenue will be closing mid August but then expects to reopen within a week as Zinburger; 40 more seats will be added.  Can that be done? Only a week to transform? According to our waitress last night, she astounded us saying four days of transformation. Does the city need to inspect? Do they ever meet any deadlines? I wonder why the Montana Avenue concept failed? I guess gourmet burgers and wine will always be in the popular curve and change is good for a restaurant’s soul.

Speaking of Burgers: Five Guys
While driving east on Broadway @ Craycroft, I noticed a new Five Guys. I think this will be the second Five Guys as the first one is on Campbell @ Glenn and another at Oracle & Wetmore is slated to open soon. I have not tried this chain yet. Have you? Thoughts?

Question: Panera
I heard through the foodie grapevine that Panera Bread Co. was coming to Tucson but I cannot determine if it’s true or not. I don’t often tout chains but I like Panera Bread Co. Once while spending four days in Whittier, Calif. cleaning out the home of a dear friend who died, I ate at  Panera’s every night and in my exhaustion and sadness always had a satisfying fast casual meal with good service.

Philanthropy with Phlavor
If it’s June (and October),  it must be Philanthropy with Phlavor month at Pastiche. Like clockwork, Pastiche invites us diners to designate 5 percent of our check (less tax and tip) to the charity of our choice. It is an amazingly altrustic gesture that has expanded the coffers of many of Tucson’s local charities in need.

Pasco and Slow Food Tucson
Pasco Kitchen & Lounge pairs with Slow Food Tucson on Sunday, June 26 for a 4-course cocktail dinner and cooking/cocktail demo. Chef/Owner Ramiro Scavo will create a one-of-a-kind menu featuring cucumbers and summer squash from River Road Gardens in every course – even dessert!  Each course will be complemented with a unique, refreshing cocktail creation from Andrew Record, mixologist. The cost is $45/person which includes tax and tip. Here’s the menu and how to reserve your space.

  1. We’ve got a 5 Guys here and it’s pretty good (though when we were craving burgers last Friday night it didn’t even cross our minds; we went to a local place instead).

    There are a lot of topping options, the burgers *seem* small (compared to many places) but are very filling (the regular is 2 thin patties, hence the deception), the roasted peanuts to snack on while you wait for your order to come up are a nice touch and the seasoned fries are amazing–easily the best thing on the menu.

  2. My friends in the Foothills and I are stunned by the shift at Montana Avenue–easily the top go-to place for us and always packed.

    It’s odd that after introducing more “brands,” such as Arrogant Butcher and True Food, that Fox RC would replace a successful spot with one that will likely not be as popular.

    Sure, hamburgers and shakes cost less to maintain than a full menu and wine list, but what about listening to the customer?

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