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Tucson restaurant news: La Salsa Algorithm

What is your salsa profile?
Jim Click loves La Salsa

Get Your Tucson La Salsa Algorithm On

You might have seen the ads in the paper and all over bus shelters across Tucson with Jim Click talking about his favorite salsa combinations at La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill.

Have you been wondering if Jim Click bought La Salsa? Or is this somehow tied to car sales?

No and no.

What La Salsa has done is connect with a number of local VIPs who honestly love La Salsa salsas, especially when they can mix and match any of the eight salsas to discover their own secret salsa. For example, Click’s secret salsa is the result of mixing avocado salsa, Deliciosa salsa, and Mexicana salsa.

I’ve been advised that with eight different salsas, there are nearly 10,000 combinations. Whatever. I’ve never been good in math. Okay, I’m a bit skeptical but I do believe lots of people have their own La Salsa flavor algorithm.

La Salsa is asking Southern Arizonans to come up with their own combinations/secret salsas by filling out a ballot at any of the six locations. About every six weeks or so, six ballots will be drawn at random, and those lucky people will be invited to La Salsa to personally demonstrate how they came up with their own salsa combination. From those six, a winner will be chosen, and that person (along with their custom salsa combination) will be featured alongside the other VIPs in the ad campaign.

During the first two weeks, La Salsa has already received more than 1,200 ballots! Some of the salsa combinations submitted sound really good, others not so much, but it really is about getting people to think about their own salsa personalities.

On Friday June 17, the first salsa six were to convene at La Salsa on Speedway and Country Club, to individually demonstrate how they came up with their unique combinations. Matt Russell from OntheMenuLive invited me so I was on hand to watch and the winner is…

salsa contestants
Vying for Best Salsa Combo

But wait, first a word about the salsa contestants and no, they didn’t have to dance but that could be another component…or not.

Two people went AWOL. Nevertheless, the competition of four was fierce but friendly and all were involved in education.

Anne Burchard (wearing blue shirt) is a lifestyle coach who advises people how to eat healthy while dining out. Burchard advises clients to eat at La Salsa because the food is fresh and healthy. She ate the lime grilled chicken salad where she eschewed the caloric dressing for low cal salsa. Her salsa algorithm is La Buena salsa (mild) mixed with avocado.

Paulina Kuntzelman (wearing white pants) does outreach for the UA. Her salsa algorithm includes chile arbol salsa, a little Mexicana salsa, a little habanero, plus cilantro. She raved about the smokiness and exclaimed, “perfect!” My mouth watered.

Nancy Anderson (wearing blue print top)  is a school nurse at TUSD who orders the grilled shrimp tacos every time she visits the restaurant. Her formula was avocado and habanero. She likes the creamy consistency of the avocado and claimed it was “just hot enough but not enough to be hot.”

Andrea Smith  (wearing skirt) also works at TUSD as a teacher mentor. (She did not know Nancy Anderson.) Her combo was similar to Anderson’s but added just a squirt of lime to the mix.  “Everything is better with lime,” says Smith.  In reality Smith added a few lime squirts until it was to her liking.

The judges deliberated and the winner is – Andrea Smith!  Congratulations!

Andrea Smith
Everything is better with lime - Andrea Smith

There are six La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill locations in Tucson.

825 E University Blvd, #181, Tucson, AZ –  (520) 670-9700
1800 E Fort Lowell Rd, #156, Tucson, AZ –  (520) 325-0082
3007 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ – (520) 326-4040
4861 E Grant Rd, Tucson, AZ –  (520) 325-2200
1021 N Wilmot Rd, Tucson, AZ –  (520) 747-0066
7090 N Oracle Rd, #128, Tucson, AZ – (520) 531-1211

  1. I completely agree with Andrea Smith! Everything is better with lime! My husband and I will give her salsa mix-up a try with our next orders.

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