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DC Cupcakes

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DC Cupcakes one of my favorite shows on TLC. This show started when 2 sisters decided to quit their corporate jobs and start a cupcake shop in Washington DC to follow their dreams. Not only do they sell their cupcakes at their store in Georgestown, but they also make large cupcake displays and fun cupcake decor for parties and events.

I love watching this show for many reasons. First, it is very cool to watch them create new cupcake recipes and try out their creations. So far, they have created over 60 cupcake recipes on their own that they serve in their store. Besides the typical recipes, they make very fun recipes with designs.

Another reason I like this show is because I like watching the creative aspect of the cupcakes. So far from watching the show, I have seen them make a large cupcake animal, multiple business logos out of cupcakes, flower pots made out of cupcakes, a cupcake dress and even a cupcake firetruck.

Their design and inspiration is truley amazing.

I think it would be very cool to go and get some of these cupcakes, but they are very expensive. You can buy

For more information on this show and some of their amazing cupcakes, check it out here! http://store.discovery.com/?v=tlc_shows_dc-cupcakes&ecid=PID-20020379&pa=SEM_TLCDCCupcakes_DC%20cupcakes&s_kwcid=TC|15228|DC%20cupcakes||S|e|7318801934


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