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Food Book Review: Big Book of Cupcakes

Big Book of Cupcakes
Big Book of Cupcakes by Jan Moon

Some trendsetters say that pie is the new cupcake but I’m not so convinced.

Southern Living has published the most mouth-watering book on cupcakes to date.   Now I don’t bake but if I did it would be a mind blowing cupcake that pops off these astoundingly photogenic  pages.

The book, written by Jan Moon owner of Birmingham’s Dreamcakes Bakery, shares step-by-step directions, insider secrets, helpful hints, decorating tips, and techniques to whisk any kitchen into a brilliant cupcakery whether you’re a tepid beginner or a baking master.

Some of my favorites as I perused the pages were the Pup Cakes – cupcakes decorated to look like sweet puppy dogs; Starry Nights — cupcakes that looked like they came from the galaxy instead of the kitchen; Banana Splits — decadent mini cupcakes in a banana split dish; Peanut Butter Cup – look out Reeses!; Merry Christmas Mushrooms — red and green cupcakes resembling mushrooms. Now’s where the yellow brick road?

These cupcakes are rich with imagination, humor, and color. As a food blogger, I receive numerous cookbooks and have never enjoyed one as much as the Big Book of Cupcakes.   Ms. Moon’s creativity spills out on every page (265 pages). Sweet!

PuP Cakes for people
Pup cakes for people

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