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Gluten Free for All

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Gluten Free for All

Gluten free seems to be the new buzz words in food trends.

I have to wonder why so many people suffer from gluten allergies and celiac disease. What is different today vs. 10 or 20 years go? Is it the water? Pesticides? High fructose corn syrup? Preservatives?

Fortunately, not only are stores selling entire aisles of gluten free products but people are blogging about gluten free recipes, tips, and resources.

Here’s an article which has a wealth of information about gluten free recipes, where to order gluten free products, restaurants which offer gluten free menu items, information, struggles to eat gluten free, cooking schools, support groups, etc. This is interesting — Gluten Free Gobsmacked!

If you live in Tucson, Renee’s Organic Oven, formerly Eclectic Pizza is an award winning restaurant well known for their delicious gluten free pizzas and organic fare.

Are there any readers who would like to blog a few times about their gluten free challenges and diet? If yes, please contact karynzoldan@yahoo.com

  1. I’ve wondered, too, about the rise in celiac disease and gluten intolerance. It could be environmental factors but it could just as easily be a case of doctors just didn’t know what to look for, before, and people suffered under misconceptions or ignorance.

    Meanwhile, a friend went gluten free as a way to decrease her migraine pain and frequency (worked in part, wheat was a trigger for her but not the only one). Others, I’m sure, are reacting to persuasive marketing and going gluten free because it’s perceived as healthier (which is not always the case–gotta check the individual products) because, to some, gluten=bread and bread is “bad.”

  2. You are right about the surge in diagnosis, Jennifer.

    My Dad was diagnosed in his 60’s with celiac disease, only because he was referred to a physician who knew to look for it. He suffered from malabsorption, diarrhea and a slight fracture in his hip for over a year until CD was found.

    Physicians now are screening for this early and often.

  3. Great article, Karyn. I was told to cut way down on gluten because it causes inflammation. Who knew? It is challenging to find foods without gluten.

  4. I don’t have a problem with gluten. In fact, I’ve been adding gluten to my bread recipes. There is quite a difference in the results. When I went to the store to buy the gluten, the person helping me had never heard of people adding gluten.

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