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Dairy Queen Dolphin Commercial

Have you seen this???

This is one of Dairy Queens newest commercials but I do not understand it.


I love watching commercials, especially with a Marketing background, but I really do not get the point of this commercial.

Note: If anyone understands it, let me know! lol

Besides this commercial, I think Dairy Queen has been coming out with a large number of “strange” commercials. I don’t know the

Torie Nicholas

  1. That is an odd commercial but the fact that we’re talking about it is the kind of thing that products want.

    I think he is trying to make a stupid comparison as to the dolphin guitar is ridiculous as is the prices for the DQ burgers. It’s an odd way to tout the product.

  2. “At Dairy Queen, Good Isn’t Good Enough.” I think that point is to excel and they chose to make the point with something so “over the top” to make the point that no one could ever take their claim seriously to contest it. For example, I had heard about a variation on this commercial where Diary Queen “just doesn’t blow bubbles, they blow bubbles with kittens in them”. I think it is very clever. Again, to echo Karyn, it got you talking about them.

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