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MELT Bar and Grilled

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Have you ever heard of Melt?…If you are from Northern Ohio then the answer is probably yes. Although Melt only has two locations (both in Cleveland, OH), this restaurant is very famous for its grilled sandwiches.

Melt is a simple concept, but it is truly amazing. It is a fun yet casual place to go and offers a wide variety of “grilled cheese” creations. Although they are all grilled cheese, the sandwiches offer a lot more in them. As far as the menu goes, it is a simple one pager with appetizers, the sandwiches, salads and drinks, but the sandwiches are what everyone comes in for. However, they have a huge drink menu as well and a sweet bar.

I went here for my first time last Friday and had no idea what to expect. I had only heard amazing things about this restaurant so I was excited for the adventure. After looking over the menu, I decided to order “The Dude” and my boyfriend Erik ordered “The Prime Rib Melt”.

The Dude sounds a little bit strange, but it was really good. The sandwich contains meatballs, provolone cheese, marinara sauce and mozzarella sticks. The Prime Rib Melt contains prime rib, roasted red skin potatoes, Swiss cheese (along with a couple of other types of cheeses), horseradish sauce and au ju sauce for dipping.

On top of these huge creations, each sandwich comes with french fries (or the vegetable of the day) and cole slaw.

Besides the great food and the atmosphere, the restaurant offers a great value for your money. Although most of the sandwiches are $10, two people could go in there and share one meal easily. When I went there for dinner, I could not even finish HALF of my sandwich for dinner.

Overall, I would really recommend you trying Melt if you are anywhere near Cleveland. Even one of my friends who lives in Columbus said should would drive 2 hours back to the restaurant to go there again.lol


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