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Book Review: Man with a Pan by John Donohue

Book: Man with a Pan
Book Review: Man with a Pan

Book Review: Man with a Pan by John Donohue
While it may sound like a Dr. Seuss title, it’s anything but. I used to want a man with a slow hand but now I’d opt for a man with a pan.

Man with a Pan is an anthology of famous men like Mario Batali, Mark Bittman, and Stephen King along with some average Joes who wear their culinary hearts on their collective sleeves revealing the adventures and misadventures of learning to cook for loved ones. The book is edited by John Donohue, editor and cartoonist for the New Yorker. Fortunately, the book is lovingly peppered with cartoons as well as recipes, cooking tips, and what books these men read food-wise. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll almost taste the chowder that took 14 hours to make. Crispy celery leaves, anyone?

Man with a Pan makes a terrific Father’s Day gift.

If you like memoir type anthologies about food, you may like Storied Dishes edited by Linda Berzok. Here are vignettes of women who connect food and family to create memories and savored recipes through the ages. Not unusual, many of the stories were about making bread (before bread makers), tortillas, Chinese dumplings, and Christmas cookies. My favorite story is about the matzo ball soup.

“An A-list of writers who share riveting tales of culinary love and war.” – Amanda Hess, food writer/cookbook author

Published by Algonquin Books, @2011, 327 pages

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